Public Safety

Providing law enforcement with the tools to ensure safe communities.



  • Act 12 of 2015 reauthorizes and establishes a long-term funding plan for the Emergency 9-1-1 System in Pennsylvania.
  • Act 16 of 2015 (Alloway) privatizes and regulates the Bail Bondsman industry in Pennsylvania.
  • Act 20 of 2015 requires that providers of counseling services to sexually violent predators notify the county and local police that the provider is counseling sexually violent predators.
  • Act 25 of 2015 amends the continuing education requirements for police officers and magisterial district judges regarding training on recognition and techniques to be used when interacting with individuals with mental illness or intellectual disabilities.
  • Act 41 of 2015 (Smucker) clarifies the arrest powers and jurisdiction of campus police officers employed by Pennsylvania’s 14 State System of Higher Education universities.
  • Act 55 of 2015 (Argall) frees up State Police for crime fighting by eliminating mandatory trooper escort of super-sized loads and replacing them with certified pilot escorts.
  • Act 72 of 2015 (Gordner) bans the practice of allowing persons sentenced to community service to purchase gift cards in lieu of performing the service.
  • Act 80 of 2015 (Scarnati) increases opportunities for counties to provide long-acting non-narcotic, non-addictive medication combined with comprehensive substance abuse treatment to eligible offenders upon release from county correctional institutions.
  • Act 5 of 2016 (Greenleaf) allows criminal record expungement for individuals who have served their punishment for certain non-violent offenses and remained free of arrest or prosecution.
  • Act 30 of 2016 provides privacy and protects the safety of individuals who call 911 to report crimes.
  • Act 33 of 2016 (Rafferty) expands the use of ignition interlock devices for offenders of Driving Under the Influence.
  • Act 93 of 2016 intercepts any state tax refund due to someone who has an outstanding restitution order and applies it to money owed to the crime victim.
  • Act 96 of 2016 (Eichelberger) establishes a uniform procedure for the disposition of contraband left in the possession of probation and parole agencies.
  • Senate Bill 404 (Argall) sets guidelines and procedures for the investigation and interrogation of correctional officers by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections as a result of a complaint of alleged misconduct.
  • Senate Bill 427 (Greenleaf) requires cash-for-gold dealers to retain precious metal items for 10 business days to enable burglary victims to discover and report the theft and enable police to investigate.
  • Senate Bill 490 (Baker) includes the PEMA Director as a position subject to review and confirmation by the Senate. Currently, the post is filled by appointment by the Governor. (Vetoed)
  • Senate Bill 1062 (Rafferty) increases penalties for home invasion burglaries.
  • Senate Bill 1113 (Ward) provides broader representation of crime victims on the Victims’ Services Advisory Committee within the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

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