2017 Tax Season Deadline Extended

April 15 falls on a Saturday in 2017 and is followed by Emancipation Day on Monday, April 17, thereby pushing the deadline to file tax returns and submit payments to Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Don’t let the extension delay your refund.  The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue provides a list of frequently asked questions and direct links to answers to your questions for tax year 2016.

Assistance in filing Pennsylvania individual and business taxes is available through the PA Department of Revenue’s e-Services Center.

The 2017 Great Backyard Bird Count Goes Year Around

Accept the Checklist-a-Day Challenge, submitting birding checklists from your short yard counts, lunchtime walks, and brief “stop and scans” from a favorite birding patch or field.  Daily participants will help send the 2017 project soaring beyond last year’s total checklists of more than 3.75 million.

Join the fun and start by downloading eBird Mobile to your iOS or Android devices to track what you see and link your observations to the global online database of hundreds of thousands of birds worldwide.  To be sure, paper and pencil checklists are still acceptable.

At the conclusion of 2017, three daily submitters who entered at least 365 eligible checklists will be randomly selected to receive a prize, such as high quality binoculars or a similar award.

Top 10 Tick Facts – Deer Ticks Stir with Fluctuating Temperatures

Among the top ten facts you should know about ticks, according to the PA Department of Health, is the prevalence of deer ticks on any winter day the ground is not snow-covered or frozen.

Combat Lyme Disease, now a year around concern, with a quick daily tick check at bath or shower time.  Careful removal during the first 24 hours you become a host to a deer tick will likely prevent infection.

The germs spread from the tick’s salivary glands and are spit into its victim within 24 hours of the initial bite.  One bite can leave the deer tick’s victim with no or barely discernible symptoms.  Another victim can suffer a lifetime of pain and suffering from infection with the bacteria.

Planetarium to USS Pennsylvania – Popular Presentations Kick-Off 2017

Pennsylvania’s State Museum invites you indoors to explore the sun, stars, Earth and the moon.  The Planetarium at the State Museum of Pennsylvania is offering those in Pre-K and Kindergarten a special look at the sky with the help of a teaching guide featuring Dudley the Duck.

Students in sixth grade and up learn how the sky can serve as a Compass, Calendar, and Clock.  This show will reveal how mankind has turned to the sky to track yearly cycles.

Adults will want to visit the exhibit, Pennsylvania at War: The Saga of the USS Pennsylvania.  The exhibit, marking the Attack on Pearl Harbor, includes the centerpiece from the ship’s official silver service, uniforms, and personal effects of crew members, along with a model of the USS Pennsylvania.  Continue the exploration of the USS Pennsylvania, at the PA Military Museum in Boalsburg, PA included in the PA Trails of History.

2017 Winning PA Farm Show Recipes Available

The 2017 Winning PA Farm Show Recipes are now available to everyone seeking something new to try with our PA Preferred products.

Corn chowder with a twist, Lady Apples accompanied with pan seared sausage, and pickled Asian slaw are just a few of the 2017 award winning recipes.

Find the best of the best dating from a 2004 Shoo-fly pie recipe to a 2017 Angel Food Cake.  The Pennsylvania Preferred Culinary Connection 2016 Recipe Book is also available.

Improve Your Wintertime Driving Experience 

As winter threatens to cover Pennsylvania with ice and snow, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is releasing tips to guide you safely from your driveway and along the highways.

First, be sure your vehicle is ready for the rigors of wintertime driving.  Ensure the proper operation of your car’s radio, wipers, lights, and check all fluid levels.

Before leaving home, check your winter emergency kit for the items to help you safely wait out an ice and snow storm should you be delayed.  Remember to make sure your mailbox is also accessible for deliveries.