Pittsburgh-area resident Adam P. Blank, a young, motivational speaker, will headline a press conference spotlighting the power of preschool early intervention services. Adam is a college student who has challenges of vision impairment, albinism and autism.

Joined by state Sen. Lloyd Smucker (R-Lancaster), who serves as Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Blank and his family will accompany other families and children who have received early intervention (EI) services, along with advocates from the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU).

Each year, approximately 50,000 children in Pennsylvania ages 3 to 5 with disabilities or developmental delays are enrolled in EI programs.  These delays can be cognitive, physical, communication-related, self-help and social/emotional, with many delays occurring in tandem.

According to the PAIU, state dollars are needed to replace lost federal SBAP (School-Based ACCESS program) reimbursements, and to keep pace with an increase in the number of services provided to children and families. State preschool EI appropriations are also being strained by dramatic increases in state pension contributions.

The media is cordially invited to cover this event.

10 a.m.
Wednesday, June 8, 2016
State Capitol Media Center
Harrisburg, PA

Families will be available for one-on-one interviews after the press conference.

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